Best Martials Art for Kids

Best Martials Art for Kids

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Martial Arts at Pacific Top Team Kelowna

At Pacific Top Team Martial Art Kelowna, we are excited and passionate about our kids program. We enforce healthy boundaries on the mats by enforcing discipline, which in turn produces respect. The kids in our martial art program have so much fun every class, starting with a great warmup, then drills down the mats (to learn the basic martial art movements), after that they move into technique. The techniques that are taught inspire and challenge children to realize what their body and mind are capable of. It is amazing to watch kids execute techniques as well as some adults do (props to the instructors for doing a great job!). Wrestling is important because this is what puts everything into they learnt into practice. Focusing on timing, perfecting the technique so it is executed well, and fast problem solving as they overcome challenges their training partner presents to them during the wrestle.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the martial art that we teach our students.

It is amazing because of the life skills they learn on mats such as:

  1. Quick troubleshooting and problem solving is developed on the mats while wrestling.
  2. Confidence as they navigate through their challenges to achieve their successes.
  3. Respect for their coaches and training partners, which in turn creates a healthy training environment/
  4. Bully proofing your child (our definition of ‘Anti-Bullying’ is when both children are safe, no one gets injured or hurt).
  5. Integrating fitness and exercise into their daily routine at an early age

We separate our children’s programs because we recognize how important it is to reach each child where they are at.

The coaches are invested and passionate about the children’s success and this is reflected through their instructing. For kids this is an amazing journey where they will build self-confidence, learn about respect for their instructors and training partners, and get an amazing workout while learning a life skill!

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