Christmas Party for Kids!

Christmas Party for Kids!

Kids Christmas Party

Why do we run a Kids Christmas Party at Pacific Top Team Kelowna? 

We do have different kids classes (so the instruction can cater in the best way possible to each child), so this allowed the opportunity for all the kids to have some fun on the mats and build deeper friendships together!  While the adults have the option to play games as well or just enjoy some socializing.

Who is allowed to come and how much does it cost?

Who is allowed to come? Anyone and everyone. This is an open event for everyone to come and have some fun. The cost is free, this is something that Pacific Top Team does for our members and the community to kick off the holiday season!


SShhhhhh…..Rumour has it on the street that Santa might be showing up as well?


What will we be doing?

There will be designated games run by the coaches for the kids (adults that consider themselves big kids can play as well). There will be some Christmas goodies to enjoy, along with some socializing time.