Closed until Thursday August 8, 2019

Closed until Thursday August 8, 2019

We greatly apologize for the inconvenience of the sudden move of the Academy and of the closure.

Moving the Academy

We were informed last minute that we had to move the Academy last weekend as the construction was moving forward in the temporary spot Saturday afternoon (Saturday July 27, 2019). It was not safe or healthy for our students to train in the construction that was to be completed in the temporary spot.

Opening the Academy

Our goal was to open in our permanent spot downstairs within a few days. We ran into a couple hiccups, however we were working 12-18 hours a day trying to get the Academy open, with the goal of Tuesday July 6, 2019.


We booked our inspection as soon as possible so we could open. During the inspection we were told that we needed sprinkler heads in the two offices and the janitor room. This was news to us, as we were not informed of this until the very end.

Installing Sprinklers

We worked hard to find someone to install these sprinklers over the long weekend, we did find someone.

However, another complication arose, because although we found someone to install the sprinklers we also need to have fire safety present while the sprinklers are down. We could not find Fire Safety over the long weekend.

Tuesday we have installation of the sprinklers booked first thing in the morning along with fire safety.

Wednesday we have our inspection booked first thing (we cannot pass inspection until the sprinklers are installed).


This leaves us to open on Thursday August 8, 2019.

Unfortunately. Although the rest of the facility is ready and we are all itching to train, we cannot legally open until the inspection has been passed for the safety of our students, instructors and staff.

We cannot tell you how sorry we are about this, and how frustrating it is as we have been doing our absolute best to open this Academy as fast as possible. However, this last portion remains out of our control.


One thing we can tell you. We are so touched and amazed by how many students, instructors, and staff have come to offer their time in helping, how understanding everyone is, and how incredible our culture is. The hours, good energy, and positive attitudes that have built this Academy has blown us away. We have a very special group here.

Ten next years

One thing we can promise you, an incredible grand opening on September 21, 2019 with free seminars, burgers, and good times (please save the date! The event will be posted soon!).

And ten years of training in most beautiful facility in Canada (potentially even more than ten years as we have no desire to go through this stress again!)

Your support and understanding is so appreciated and goes beyond words, please bear with us just a couple more days, and please have faith in knowing that we are doing everything in our power to open as fast as possible. 

In the meantime, please train at our sister Academies, who have Jiu-Jitsu, Kids Classes, as well as Muay Thai:

West Kelowna, Penticton.

Jorden & Sarah

You are more than welcome to train at our closest sister Academies

Click Here For West Kelowna Schedule

Click Here For Penticton Schedule

Stay posted on our Kelowna Facebook Page  and our Kelowna Instagram !


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to provide you the best training Academy in Canada.