Grand Opening an AMAZING success!

Grand Opening an AMAZING success!

Pacific Top Team Martial Arts Kelowna celebrated an incredible 10 Year Anniversary and Grand opening of their new location. 

The morning started at 9:30 with staff and friends meeting up to prepare for the (which ran on volunteers, good energy, and lots of coffee!)

It all stated with an incredible Self-Defence workshop that had 60 women participating. Not only self-defence techniques were taught but also the incredibly important mental aspect of staying safe was communicated as well. Sarah who has over a decade of experience in self-defence, taught with her strong team of assistant coaches. The workshop was an amazing success with the perfect balance of lots of laughs, great technique and critical learning. Sarah’s only regret? That she capped the workshop at 60. ‘With all the help and the massive mat space we could easily have done 80-100. The work on the mats is what our Academy was built for!”. There will be more self-defence workshops for sure coming out of Pacific Top Team Kelowna. 

As the ladies were learning self-defence, on the 2nd mat space the Kids Anti-Bullying workshop was taking place. As important as the techniques the kids learnt are, even more importantly is the talk Coach Justin had with them, about understanding why kids bully, how to respond correctly to the situation, and last case scenario protect yourself. This was all chatted about during the workshop, then finishing up with some games before the children were sent on their way with their parent’s. 

Kids Workshops Kelowna

Over the morning over a 100 new faces showed themselves in the Academy to take advantage of the free workshops Pacific Top Team put on for the community. The second set of workshops were for the members, Womens Only Muay Thai workshop and a Co-Ed Muay Thai Workshop. Lots of energy and big eyes as Adolfo (Muay Thai World Champion) taught some of his favourite techniques. World class techniques that even the most advanced students were excited to try. 

The day finished with a Jiu-Jitsu seminar and promotions. Sarah Draht of Pacific Top Team Kelowna received her black belt, and Jorden Reichenbach received his second degree on his black belt. Both the owners levelled up for sure! 

Throughout the whole day one thing was certain, the positive energy and community buzzing around the Academy that day. A very powerful day of camaraderie, training and learning. If you were to ask Jorden and Sarah what their largest success has been over the last ten years? They would answer: “We have stayed true to our goals of creating a friendly, family orientated environment. Where people can enjoy an incredibly high level of professional instruction, and train hard, train safe, and train smart. 

Why is it very common to see students showing up 5 days a week, and sometimes even 6 at our Academy? Because we know how to instruct at such a high level that it prevents injuries by communicating effectively how to act and react, on and off the mats. The results? Deep friendships, amazing training partners, and great comradeship. Everyone who walks into our front door to try a class brings something new to the table. Every person walks into this Academy for a reason, and it is always exciting to find out why.’

Pacific Top Team Kelowna offers a FREE class to any of those people who are interested! Call or text: 250.307.6667 or email