How To Make Your New Years Resolutions STICK!

How To Make Your New Years Resolutions STICK!


How To Make Your New Years Resolutions STICK!

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

Your goal is your desired outcome. Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there.

This year, spend less time focusing on outcomes and more time focusing on the habits that precede the results. 

Thank you James Clear. He always comes through for us. 

With the new year showing up – what are you doing to ensure you reach your goals?

With the new year having arrived it is all the frenzy to set up the goals of everything I want to achieve for the new year. Why is it that within the first couple months it is very common for most of my (if not all) goals to fizzle out? The once very exciting goals now mundane and tedious. 

Because a goal is like a vision, an idea, something that is abstract in the future that I want to achieve to improve my future self. But because it  is not concrete yet, that is all it exactly is: a puff of smoke, a dream, a vision. So to be able to ensure success of reaching my goals I need to set up systems to support that goal. 

Think of the system as the foundational framework underneath that goal that will allow me the tools to reach it. 

Create a time and place to work on the goal.

Studies have shown that goals will be reached far faster if a time and place is chosen that it will be executed.

’I will do Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00-7:00 pm’.

‘I will stretch Monday-Friday for ten minutes in my living room at 9:00 pm’.

‘I will make myself a shake every morning at 7:00am’.

‘I will go to the grocery every Friday after work to buy healthy food for the week’

Why is structuring the time and day good?

Because it allows the decision to be made for me of when and how I will achieve my goal, if I don’t have a clear strategy of how I will practice my goal today then there’s a good chance it will not happen (if I do not make the decision, the decision will be made for me). Remember to be realistic. It is possible to be superman and start the year off with big and massive goals (2 hours of the gym for five days a week for example) – however – can this up upkept? Sometimes the best beginning strategy is just to get in the habit of showing. up. If it’s. 30 minutes of cardio three times a week, if it’s ten minutes of stretching every day, it takes time to create the habit to get into you goal – just show up.

Create an environment that makes achieving the goal easy.

Want to eat healthier? Stop buying junk food (we all know this), but the next step is also critical. Make more than one healthy meal at a time, make your protein shake the night before or overnight oats to kickstart your healthy day, explore a couple simple and fun recipes. Want to hit the gym before work? Prep your breakfast and coffee the night before, along your gym clothes so when you wake up your decision has been make for you. All you need to do is slide out of bed, make your coffee and drag yourself to the car (hopefully you remembered to put on your gym clothes and are not still in your pajamas – but the practice is about showing up – so in a sense you are still ahead of the game if you are still sporting your Star Wars pajamas). 

The concept is to keep the goal easy to achieve. How is this possible? To do a little bit every day (to kill ourselves in the first three days trying to achieve the goal and decide it’s too hard, probably because it is). To work on the goal, but also to leave feeling good, accomplished, and satisfied. 

The above will help solve the mystery of why our goals fizzle out within the first couple months. If I set up a strategy and systems then the goals will only become stronger as the year goes on – and will create a habit. Congratulations on your goals, now the next step is to create a system. 

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