Kickbox ‘Till You Drop!

Kelowna’s Women’s Only Kickboxing Program is proudly running their 3rd annual ‘Kickbox ‘Till You Drop Event!’

kickbox till you drop

This is an amazing fundraiser that gives back to our community, and is open to everyone and anyone! No experience required!

Find people to sponsor you to participate in this event, and KICKBOX ‘TIL YOU DROP! The two winners of this event will receive a Plaque of Recognition, and will have their name on our ‘Wall of Fame’.

All the proceeds go towards a fund to provide membership opportunities for low income families would like to train, yet it is not financially feasible for them to do so at this point in time.

Let’s crank the tunes, train some kickboxing, and make a difference in people’s lives!

Date: Saturday November 26, 2016
Time: 10:00am on!
Where? Pacific Top Team Kelowna (#3-1745 Spall Road, Kelowna BC)
The juice bar will be open so you can stay fuelled.
Showers are provided.
There will be a ten minute break every two hours.
Can I stay for just an hour or two? YES (if you come during the event we ask you warmup up thoroughly before kickboxing to prevent injury!)
Can I bring a friend who has never trained before? YES!
Can I bring a friend who used to train with us and doesn’t anymore?YES!!!
Can I bring a friend? YES
This Women’s Only Kickboxing event is open to all your lady friends, sisters, moms, and daughters (must be over 14)!

To register or for more information email Sarah at

See you on the mats!