Kids Martial Arts Kelowna

Kids Martial Arts Kelowna

martial arts for kids kelowna

kids martial arts kelowna

Your child has lots of energy and you want to put them into some type of activity that would not only help them channel their energy in a positive way, but that also would be good for them. The questions arises: What martial art is the best kids martial art programs in Kelowna? 

What Martial Art is the right one to choose? What Academy is the right one to choose? 

Obviously we are a little biased to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the kids. However, there is a strong reason for this. The instructors and coaches have to chosen to teach, train, and compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because of the life applicability the sport has to offer (even for an adult). Effective and powerful self-defence, fitness, confidence, etc.

For the children – the life application is even more powerful.

Why is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu effective?

  • Best form of self-defence there is
  • Fitness
  • Self-Control
  • Fast problem solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Structure
  • Healthy discipline
  • Goal setting and patience
  • Most importantly – the kids enjoy the Martial Art


Our programs build on themselves. For example, the Tiny Champions (Ages 3-4) was structured so they can easily advance to the Future Champions, then the Junior Champions, then the Teen Champions, then the Adults. 

The amazing concept of this is: what the 3 year olds are learning they can take with them for the rest of their lives, and the techniques and skills they use will be carried over to build on the next program, eventually carrying to their adult black belt if they stick with it. 

It is a very good time investment even at that young age because it builds such a powerful future in so many different aspects. 

The children learn aspects of the Martial Art Culture. Respect for their training instructors, training partners, and even themselves. Structure within the class and to respect that structure, healthy discipline, and so much more. 

For Jiu-Jitsu – the art goes even deeper than the aforementioned qualities. 

The children are taught techniques and concepts they can apply while wrestling in a safe atmosphere. 

  • They learn how to navigate through obstacles quickly, they learn fast reacting problem solving
  • They learn teamwork and how to not only get along with their training partners but also take care of their training partners
  • They learn about training hard and as exciting as that next stripe is, they are not allowed to ask for it. Why is this? Not is the jiujitsu itself analyzed, but they must also represent leadership, good sportsmanship and teamwork, etc. 

Eventually when the coach sees fit they award the child their next stripe. Not all Martial Art Academies look at all these aspects for success, but we do. 

The child’s safety.
This is a very important element of choosing the academy. There are obvious safety for the children. Cleanliness, sufficient first aid kit, etc. 

One thing parent’s are not aware of, or is even discussed is the knowledge of the coaches (you don’t know what you don’t know, right?). Our Instructors and coaches at Pacific Top Team Kelowna are all familiar with the rule set of the International Brazilian jiu-jitsu Federation. 

Why is this important? Because in the rule set there are certain techniques that children are not allowed to do until certain ages, or not allowed to do at all until they are adults, or just not allowed to at all, period. 

These rules play a very important part in protecting the children from injury, and providing a safe training environment. Our instructors and coaches teach along the lines of the IBJJF rule set for two reasons:

1) Obviously to protect the children 

2) Because if the children ever decide to complete they will not get disqualified because what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do in competition has been so ingrained in them in training that there will be no difference. For their own safety. 

For the Jiujitsu instructors in some academies that are not familiar with the IBJJF rules is a very big issue. For example, our instructors do not allow the children (or even the students for that matter all the way up to purple belt) to jump guard. The unexpected weight around the partners hips can cause their knee to buckle and in turn cause serious injuries. This seems simple, but all these very incredibly important and critical pieces of the puzzle to keep your child safe. 

The coaches passion of the children success shows through their instruction.

Full disclosure – most academies run their kids classes as a ‘money maker’. How do you identity this? Classes that are way too full (50-60 kids in one class), all ages combined, and only one coach. 

To the untrained eye the individual must think ‘wow. This program must be really good! Look at all the kids!’.

To the trained eye? This is what we see, and this is why we run our kids programs the way we do. 

  1. Full classes. Look carefully at how many children are the class, and what ages and what experience levels. If all ages, sizes and experience levels are together there is a good chance that some children will be taught techniques and concepts that are more complicated they what their cognitive ability and maturity is ready to grasp, while others will be held back from their full potential and are hungry for more. The exception to a very full class is everyone is approximately the same size, same experience level, and understand the routine and structure of the class so it is run in a mostly organized fashion (I say ‘mostly’ because they are kids after all! It is a given there is always a little bit of chaos!)
  1. We separate the ages. 3-4 year olds because they learn very differently and have a much different cognitive development that 7-9 year olds (for example). This is why we separate our classes, so we can reach each child where they are at, so we can optimize their learning (Tiny Champions, Future Champions, Junior Champions, Teens, Adults). Reach them exactly where they are at, and move them to the next program when they are ready (not just when they turn the required age)
  1. The number of coaches. There should be enough coaches on the mats to have the kids class run smoothly. So again, the childs learning is optimized in each age group and each class. 

We carefully separate the age of each class for the children learning, we carefully select experience coaches that not only know jiu-jitsu but who also are invested in each child’s success and this is displayed through their heart and passion on the mats. 

So next time you go to an academy. The right questions to ask are: 

  1. How do you separate your kids classes for optimized learning?
  2. How long have your instructors and coaches been training for? Are they familiar with the competition rule set to keep my children safe? (in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you would ask it’s the IBJJF rule set)
  3. How are you keeping my child safe during class?
  4. How are you teaching the children structure and discipline during class?
  5. Are the children still having fun while they are learning so they will enjoy the sport. 

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Written by Sarah Draht over a good cup of coffee