Academy Opening Schedule

Academy Opening Schedule

Academy opening schedule and guidelines

We are very excited to be opening the Academy August 22, 2020!

Please contact in regards to starting your membership up, or signing up for a new membership.

We have strict guidelines in place to protect our members, please read and review below.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Notable changes to the academy are as follows:

1) The mats (and training gear for Muay Thai) will be sanitized after every class. Therefore some classes will scaled to 45 minutes.
*Please see the attached schedule

2) Everyone who comes into the gym is required to sanitize their hands. There will be sanitizing stations at the front doors.

3) All clients will sign a COVID-19 waiver form, acknowledging they understand the risks of training during a potential pandemic outbreak.

4) If a client has any of the following symptoms: runny nose, coughing, shortness of breath, fever, or they have been out of the country within the previous two weeks, they will not be permitted to enter the premises.

5) All clients will show up already in training gear. Change rooms and Showers will remain closed until further notice. Bathrooms will remain open and will be sanitized after each use. We require the students to enter the facility once their class starts and exit when their class ends.

6) We will have an entry and an exit door. Please be attentive to the signs

7) We recommend members pick a regular training partner who is within their “POD”. A family member or friend who they already spend time with.

8) Please bring your own water bottle. The water fountain will be closed until further notice. No additional food or drink will be permitted in the Academy.

9) The Academy will closed to spectators until further notice.

*Except Tiny Champions ages 3-5, one parent will be allowed to spectate and support due to the age of the child.

10) If you are not feeling 100% you MUST STAY HOME. There will be zero tolerance if you look unwell you will be denied entry to the building.

11) There will be no loaner equipment for regular clients. The loaner equipment will only be available to clients during their free week trial. Loaner equipment will be sanitized after every use.

12) The mats will be divided into training squares, which are separated by a minimum of six feet for social distancing purposes. Clients will be sent to their training square once they have passed the initial screening, and will remain there for the duration of the class.

These guidelines will be enforced until we are given the permission to remove them.



Click here to download – Kelowna Schdule