Train From Home!

Train From Home!


Train From Home!

Through this time we still want to connect with our students and help them reach their goals. Every day make sure to visit our Pacific Top Team Kelowna Youtube page and complete your workouts every day – or see the daily workout below! Our workouts are geared towards everyone, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Foundational Jiu-Jitsu Movements, Muay Thai Foundations and strengthening and YOGA! We have been sponsored by Yoga for BJJ to use some of their sequences (allowing me to teach them).

We are care about your success!

As instructors and club owners we care about your success, let’s use this time to cross train and eat healthy. Please share the posts to anyone and everyone in the community, let’s keep the morale high and pull together in this time.



We will be repeated some of the yoga videos because – let’s face it. Doing one video once isn’t enough! You have options for today! Smash a Muay Thai workout, smash a 15 minute workout, smash some yoga, or smash a bjj workout. You got options! Finish the week strong and finish today strong! Celebrate Friday by investing in yourself!



All sessions below – the most recent workout will be posted at the top of each category

Yoga Sessions:

Yoga || Cardio || 

Yoga || Balance ||

Hips || Yoga || 10 minutes

Spine || Yoga || 10 minutes

Hamstrings || Yoga || 10 minutes

Quads || Yoga || 10 minutes

Shoulders || Yoga || 10 minutes

Flow || Yoga || 20 minutes

Wrists and Ankles || Yoga || ten minutes

Neck || Yoga || 10 minutes

Core || Ten in Ten Program || Yoga

Your evening Jiu-Jitsu is a full body stretching sequence, including strengthening and mobility movement


Jiu-Jitsu Drills & Workouts:

Jiu-Jitsu Movement & Workout || Shoulder Rolls

Jiu-Jitsu || Breaking the guard & Knee Slice

Click here for Full BJJ Workout (30 minutes)

Click here for your Jiu-Jitsu – Make sure to grab your belt! 

Jiu-Jitsu training – Defending the guard pass – essential movements to bring you the next level of BJJ (or just fitness)

Jiu-Jitsu Guard Retention – Using the feet as a second set of hands

Jiu-Jitsu Movement Drills || Core ||


Muay Thai Sessions:

Muay Thai || Active Rest Shadowboxing

Muay Thai || HIIT Workout

Click Here for Muay Thai FOOTWORK Tutorial (11 minutes long, with lots of homework! The foundations everyone needs to perfect)

Click here for Muay Thai Workout (30 minutes) By Max from Abbotsford!

Click here for your HIIT Muay Thai workout!

Muay Thai Shadowboxing workout MT Shadowboxing Workout 2 || Pacific Top Team

Great Muay Thai Workout! 

Muay Thai Workout

Here is your HIIT Muay Thai workout for today!