What NEVER QUITTING on your dreams actually looks like.

What NEVER QUITTING on your dreams actually looks like.

martial arts kelowna

What ALL IN/NEVER QUITTING on your dreams actually looks like.

martial arts kelowna

I can’t believe this day has finally come.

Over a decade ago I had a massive dream. A dream so big I was made fun of, laughed at even. So big that almost no one believed in me. No banks would lend to me. No one wanted anything to do with the vision. I had no support. Told me it couldn’t be done. There wasn’t a big enough demand. You will go bankrupt Ect ect.

At that moment I could have bought into the opinions of those people around me. But that wasn’t going to be me. I understood that they were just casting their limitations on me and that their limitations had nothing to do with mine. So I stayed my course.

Then along came Sarah Draht. My god am I grateful for this girl. I believe that Sarah and I were meant to do this. We were meant to build this together. That dream I was talking about quickly became our dream. Our vision. Our path. Sarah Draht thank you for being the person you are. Thank you for raising the bar. Demanding excellence. Thank you for holding me accountable and being with me and my crazy dreams when it wasn’t always easy to. I will forever be grateful for you and our friendship. Sincerely thank you.

Sitting in the gym today I was reflecting on the last decade together and the things we accomplished and I can’t speak for you Sarah but when we talked vision over ten years ago we were talking about this moment right here. This new gym was the vision we were talking about.

I want to share something that I heard a year ago that hit home for me. It was at a personal development seminar and it went something like this.

“Getting rich is the hardest thing in your life you will ever do. Your dreams are worth the price you will have to pay to achieve them. Your dreams will never go on sale. Anyone tells you they will go on sale is full of s$&t. They are lying to you. You want to be rich you need to get off your ass and stay off your ass!” Marc Accetta

I lived by this. I grew up with nothing. In and out of foster homes. Not having parents to guid me. I knew if I was going to get anywhere in my life I had to make that decision on my own. That it would be on me and I couldn’t make excuses. I knew I had to change my family tree. I knew that I wasn’t going to make excuses and live in comfort and let my dreams die. I live everyday like this. I do it for My son Mason.

So crazy. Me and Sarah. Just Two small town kids with nothing but hard work and big dreams doing whatever it takes to make the dream a reality. Here we are. Such an amazing feeling and I have so much gratitude to anyone that has joined myself and Sarah along the way. From Justin Aujla-Fieldt to Adolfo Lozano and to now Clint Cooper Andrew Thistle to everyone coming up believing in the dream. Al Blais Amreek Aujla-Fieldt Marlan Hall. I mean the list is getting to long to name everyone just know that me and Sarah are so great full for all of you. Thank you genuinely.

To my wife Jes and my beautiful son Mason. You are my why. You are the reason I dream so big. The reason I push myself to the limit. Thank you for being in my life and I love you.

Lastly. To those who turned there back on me through the hard times (you know exactly who you are) and the ones that didn’t believe in me through this amazing journey. I want to thank you. It’s you that kept me motived. Kept me in the game. When I wanted to throw in the towel. I got love for all of you because if there is no hate there is no success!

Muuuuahhhh ❤️

Rock and Roll 🤘

Professor Jorden